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Janette Wallis, Ph.D., "served as the Chair of the American Society of Primatologists' Conservation Committee for four years (2002-2206). She has 30 years’ experience studying primates, specializing most often in chimpanzee reproductive behavior and biology. Wallis studied chimpanzees at CIRMF, Gabon (1982-3), served as Coordinator of Chimpanzee Research at the Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania (1990-4), and is an Affiliated Scientist with the Budongo Forest Project, Uganda (1998-present). More recently, she established a new field project near Budongo (the Kasokwa Forest Project) and developed a non-profit organization (African Primates, Inc.).

"At present, Wallis is an Associate Professor of Zoology at the ABTI-American University of Nigeria - located in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria - and serves as the Coordinator of the Natural & Environmental Sciences/Conservation Biology Program.

"Wallis is the Series Editor of the ASP's book series “Special Topics in Primatology.” She was the volume editor of “Primate Conservation: The Role of Zoological Parks” and has published a variety of conservation-oriented papers. Thus, Wallis brings to the BCTF SC strong skills in editing, writing, and organizing, in addition to broad experience living, working, and travelling in several African countries.

"The purposes of the American Society of Primatologists (ASP) are exclusively educational and scientific - specifically to promote and encourage the discovery and exchange of information regarding primates. There are approximately 800 ASP members, representing psychology, zoology, anthropology, veterinary medicine, and other related fields of study. The ASP has a strong focus on conservation; its Conservation Committee provides a number of small grants to aid primate conservation efforts. Over the years, several of these grants have addressed the bushmeat issue - either directly or indirectly." [1]

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