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"Janet Morris is President and CEO of M2 Technologies, Inc. (M2), a woman-owned corporation specializing in non-lethal weapons (NLW), novel technology applications, tactics and technology. Ms. Morris's seminal non-lethal concept and novel technology applications work has been used by the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and was excerpted in the Army's Draft Operations Concept for Disabling Measures (920904). She has taught or provided course material to the U.S. Air Force's Air Command and Staff College, National Defense University's (IRMC) School of Information Warfare and Strategy, and Penn State University Applied Research Laboratory's Non-Lethal Institute. She has provided and presented seminars and briefings to the Defense Science Board, the Congressional Research Service, Senate Armed Services Committee Staff, and the Center for Naval Analysis. Profiles and interviews with Morris on non-lethal weapons include: ABC World News Tonight, MacNeil Lehrer Productions, the Discovery Channel, the Military Channel, PBS, WOR-TV, the Lifetime Channel, The Smithsonian, The Learning Channel, USA Radio Network, Italy Channel 4, Brazil's Globo International Television, BBC News night, BBC World Service, BBC Channel 4, and BBC's Equinox series. Her work has been spotlighted in Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous other print media. Defense News publishes her opinion pieces on security policy and technology.

"Before forming M2, Janet Morris was Senior Fellow (1993-94) for Policy Analysis at the U.S. Global Strategy Council, serving as Research Director for the Council's Non-Lethality Program and providing strategic planning support to U.S. Government agencies, departments, and Congressional offices in non-lethal, novel, and foreign technology. She has 12 years general experience in Strategic Planning/Security Policy, and 5 years as Project Director/Research Director/Senior Fellow at U.S. Global Strategy Council, National Security Policy (1989-94). "[1]

"Morris was elected to the New York Academy of Sciences in 1980. Morris served as Research Director and Senior Fellow (1989-1994) at the United States Global Strategy Council, as well as Adjunct Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (1993-1995). In 2003-4 she served on the Council on Foreign Relations Independent Task Force on Nonlethal Weapons and Capabilities and contributed to the Task Force report, Nonlethal Weapons and Capabilities (2004)." [2]

She is married to Chris Morris.


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