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Kuba Wygnanski "is sociologist by training. He started his public activity as Solidarity activist. After 1989, he became deeply involved in numerous initiatives aiming to support civil society both in Poland and other countries. He has started several NGOs including KLON (main support, research and information centre for Polish non-profit centre) and Forum of Nongovernmental Initiatives (FIP) which plays key role as representative of Polish Third Sector. FIP has initiated series of sector wide debates and meetings including 3 national forums of several hundreds organisations.

"For 6 years, Kuba was a Board Member of Stefan Batory Foundation (OSI network), one of the main grant giving organisations in Poland. He was also involved in the design and estbalishment of Civil Society Development Programme successful attempt to organize TOT programme for Poland and Hungary.

"Kuba is also involved in numerous activities outside of Poland including humanitarian work in Romania, Sarajevo, Kosovo and Kazahstan. He has also worked for number of international organisations and institutions including OECD, USAID, World Bank, International Rescue Committee, Academy of Educational Development and many others. For few years Kuba was a member of International Committee of Council on Foundations. Recently, Kuba spent one year as Yale World Fellow in New Haven, USA.

"Kuba is deeply committed to CIVICUS mission and activities. He was one of few representatives from Poland present at CIVICUS meetings in Mexico and Budapest. Recently, he became involved in the preparation of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index for Poland. He was very instrumental in the creation of Polish National Federation of NGOs, and for that reason might be useful in CIVICUS efforts regarding issues of National Associations of NGOs. Kuba is well informed about activities of NGOs in other countries, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, which might be helpful in promotion of CIVICUS in this region." [1]

Currently a director of CIVICUS.

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