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Jacque Fresco

"Mr. Fresco has been a guest lecturer at many institutions of higher learning. He was an active participant in discussions at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara , California . Mr. Fresco has addressed students at the University of Miami, Princeton University, University of Southern California, Dade Junior College, Queens College, Presbyterian College, University of Southern Florida, Nichols College, Columbia University, Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico and others...

"Jacque Fresco is the founder of Sociocyberneering, Inc., now known as The Venus Project and the non-profit organization The Venus Project." [1]

The film Zeitgeist Addendum featuring Mr. Fresco and The Venus Project produced by Peter Joseph was released in 2008. A sequel to this film, Zeitgeist Moving Forward, was produced in 2011 featuring Mr. Fresco's aims and directions. The documentary Paradise or Oblivion, produced by Roxanne Meadows, introduces the culmination of Jacque Fresco's work, and viable solutions for the future.


  • Looking Forward co-authored with Kenneth Keyes, 1969, A.S. Barnes & Company
  • Introduction to Sociocyberneering, 1977
  • Sociocyberneering Presents Cities in Transition, 1978
  • Sociocyberneering Presents the Determinants of Behavior, 1978
  • Structural Systems and Systems of Structure, 1979
  • The Venus Project: The Redesign of a Culture, 1995 (World Future Society best seller)
  • And The World Will Be One 1997
  • The Best That Money Can’t Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty & War , 2002

Other Selected Publications

  • Feature contributing author to the book In the Shadow of War edited by Arthur Shostak Ph.D. 2004
  • Feature contributing author to the book Viable Utopian Ideas: Shaping A Better World edited by Arthur Shostak Ph.D. 2003
  • Wrote the preface and was featured in the book Transforming The Global Biosphere: Twelve Futuristic Strategies by Elliott Maynard, Ph.D. 2003

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