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Biographical Information

"Jürgen started his career in Germany as a Mechanical Engineer in 1985. Four years later he joined Elektrowerk Weisweiler (EWW) as an engineer on furnaces. He later progressed to the position of plant manager. In 1998, he became the Managing Director of EWW and held the position until 2010. Because of EWW’s good fit with Kermas’ portfolio, and his keenness to accept new challenges, Jürgen joined Danko Konchar and the Kermas Group in 2004 to take on the additional role of Technical Director, a position he held until the end of 2009. In doing so, he found himself in a streamlined organisation marked by quick decision-making and exceptional entrepreneurial and strategic thinking. He was appointed as the CEO of Samancor Chrome Limited in 2005 - the year in which Kermas became the majority shareholder in the company. In November 2009 he was also appointed as the COO of International Mineral Resources, a duty he fulfills in addition to his role as CEO of Samancor Chrome Limited." [1]


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