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Ivor Ichikowitz is a South African industrialist of Lithuanian descent. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of Paramount Group South Africa's largest arms dealer. Ichikowitz is also Executive Chairman of TransAfrica Capital , a private equity fund [1]

He is often referred to as “briefcase arms dealer” and a “peddler of influence”, although he is repported to bridle at these descriptions[2]. He describes himself as a member of President Jacob Zuma's inner circle [3]

Ichikowitz's influence in South African politics is extensive, he is quoted as saying "I cannot do my job without having close relationships with heads of state, and ministers of defence and ­finance." [4] Ichikowitz has funded a private Boeing 727 to fly South African president Jacob Zuma to the United States [5]

Ichikowitz claims on his website that he was active in the anti-apartheid struggle [6]

Ichikowitz was linked to a controversial oil-for-food programme through a company called Majali intended to benefit the ANC and Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath party [7]

Ichikowitz is the co-owner of a safari lodge which is variously described as "the Camp David of Africa"[8]


“It is very hurtful to be referred to as an arms dealer because it is tantamount to calling the chairman of GlaxoSmithKline a drug dealer.”[9]

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