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Iran: Terror Database "is a website dedicated to exposing the clandestine activities of the notorious Iranian secret police, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS, also known by its Persian acronym, VEVAK), and its role in global terrorism and Islamic fundamentalist propaganda."

"The website has been set up by Association of Victims of the Iranian Regime’s Terrorism (AVIRT), an independent, non-governmental organization based in Brussels, whose aim is to provide first-hand information and expert reports on terrorist attacks sponsored by Tehran. Iranian dissidents, as well as many non-Iranians, have been the targets of such attacks around the world, from Beirut to Paris and from Istanbul to Buenos Aires.

"The association’s Board of Directors comprises Iranian dissidents who have been direct victims of the regime’s terrorism, as well as terrorism experts and analysts from different countries. While AVIRT maintains an objective and factual approach to the issues of concern, it avowedly supports calls for an end to Iran’s theocratic regime, convinced that the scourge of terrorism emanating from Islamic fundamentalism will not vanish for as long as radical clerics stay at the helm in Iran. We welcome information from all victims of Tehran’s terrorism, Iranian opposition groups, human rights groups, and other non-governmental organizations.

"AVIRT’s chairman, Abolhassan Mojtahedzadeh, is an Iranian dissident who was kidnapped by Iranian diplomats in Istanbul in 1988. Turkish police miraculously saved his life when they discovered him in the trunk of a car only miles from the Iranian border. Turkey expelled the diplomats involved in the kidnapping." [1]

Not everyone agrees with Iran Terror's claims. In his article: ["Made up Stories, The MKO Propaganda Machine"], Nema Milaninia makes the claim that Iran Terror and Iran Focus are actually propaganda outlets for the Mojahedin-e Khalq MEK.


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