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International Relief and Development, Inc. (IRD) was founded by Dr. Arthur B. Keys, Jr. in 1998, and "has provided more than $250 million in humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations in the Newly Independent States, the Balkans, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Currently IRD provides cost-effective relief and development programs in six core sectors: Food Security, Health, Economic Development, Relief, Infrastructure and Civil Society." [1]

"IRD works with a wide range of organizations in the implementation of targeted, cost-effective relief and development programs. IRD implements programs in six primary areas: civil society, public health, food security, humanitarian assistance, economic development and infrastructure.

"Most recently, IRD was present to relieve the human suffering in the wake of the tsunami in Indonesia last year and are currently providing relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina."[2]


USAID in Iraq

On 11 August 2006, "The U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded the Iraq Community Stabilization cooperative agreement to International Relief and Development (IRD), an Arlington, Virginia based non-governmental organization specializing in providing relief and development programs in civil society, food security, health, humanitarian assistance, infrastructure, and economic development." [3]