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International Negotiation Network (INN)

The Carter Center "CCEU launched the INN for the dual purposes of 1) finding non-military means of reducing armed conflicts - closing the mediation gap - and 2) helping to prevent the escalation of lesser-scale conflicts into armed ones; focusing in both instances on intranational arenas. The INN was conceived to function as a network linking various resources available at many levels of operations internationally, avoiding duplication of efforts, and, rather than competing with existing organizations, working collaboratively with them to more effectively address the most intractable kinds of conflicts. Its mission was not to look for easy victories that might be tracked on a score card, but to focus on the most horrendous conflicts in terms of human suffering or lives lost. From its inception, it has worked in consultation with world leaders and in collaboration with entities such as Harvard's Program on Negotiation, Uppsala University's Department of Peace and Conflict Research, and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo.

"The INN Secretariat is based at CCEU and is itself a model for the Network, with Secretariat staff drawn from the Center, Harvard's Program on Negotiation, and Pangaea International, Inc. Members of the INN Secretariat are the co-authors of this article, in addition to William L. Ury, director of the Nuclear Negotiation Project at Harvard...

"Dayle E. Spencer and William J. Spencer are members of the International Negotiation Network's (INN) Secretariat." [1]

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