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"The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation (IFFO) is the international non-profit organisation which represents fishmeal and fish oil producers and related trades throughout the world. IFFO’s vision is to enhance human and livestock health and welfare via superior nutrition to the benefit of consumers worldwide." [1]

"IFFO was formed in 2001, but has a collective history of 50 years, encompassing the activities of its predecessors, namely the Fishmeal Exporters’ Organisation (FEO), International Association of Fish Meal Manufacturers (IAFMM) and International Fishmeal and Oil Manufacturers’ Association (IFOMA).

"The movement towards a trade organisation was initiated by Louis Abel of France when an informal meeting of European fishmeal producers and scientists was held in Paris early in the 1950s, followed by another meeting in London...

"In 1999, the main financiers of IFOMA (formerly IAFMM) and FEO questioned the costs and efficiencies of running two international organisations and proposed that the work and administration of both organisations should be merged into one organisation. The Presidents of both organisations, namely Helge Korsager (UK) of IFOMA and Eduardo Goycoolea (Chile) of FEO were invited to consider the feasibility of such a merger, together with the two managers, Stuart Barlow, Director General of IFOMA and Joe Bololanik, the Secretary General of FEO. The result was the formation of the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation (IFFO) in 2001 with headquarters at St Albans, under the joint care-taker Presidency of Messrs Korsager and Goycoolea and with Stuart Barlow being appointed as Director General and Joe Bololanik as Executive Adviser. The Paris office was subsequently closed.

"During this time of transition, concern was felt that the many producer companies in Peru might choose not to join the new organisation, mainly because some did not have a history of participating in the activities of the earlier organisations. The first elected President of IFFO, Ivan Orlic of Peru, who had played a significant part in bringing the two organisations together, worked tirelessly persuading producers in Peru to join IFFO during his two years in office. As a result of his efforts, IFFO flourished with considerable support from Producer Members and Associate Members in Peru, as well as continued support from other member countries which had formed the backbone of both organisations.

In 2004 Jonathan Shepherd was appointed to succeed Stuart Barlow as Director General on his retirement, which happened during the tenure of IFFO's first Lady President, Solveig Samuelsdottir from Iceland..." [2]



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