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The International Democrat Union (IDU) is an international organisation of over 80 conservative and Christian democrat parties, founded in 1983 by Margaret Thatcher, George Bush senior, and a host of other conservative luminaries.

"It is the communist Internationale in reverse - and future historians may well conclude that it ultimately had even more impact. Since 1983, the IDU has provided a little-noticed forum for free-market parties to exchange vote-getting strategies, revolutionary policies and organisational know-how." [1]

The IDU originally had two main sub-networks: The Pacific Democrat Union and the European Democrat Union.

Associated Organisations



The Hon John Howard MP, Australia,Liberal Party

Assistant Chairmen

  • Goran Lennmarker MP (Chairman of the IDU Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs) Sweden Moderate party
  • Michael Trend MP United Kingdom Conservative Party (via IDU)

Vice Chairmen


Political Auditor

Executive Secretary


Contact details

P.O. Box 1536 Vika
N-0117 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 2282 9000
Fax: +47 2282 9080
Email: emoen AT