Instituto de Defensa Legal

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The Instituto de Defensa Legal "is a non-governmental organization in Peru devoted to the defense and promotion of human rights as part of bringing peace to this country and consolidating its democratic institutions. The IDL was founded in 1983, when general and permanent violence appeared in the country, due to the 1980's appearance of Sendero Luminoso, a political organization with terrorist methods, and because of the governmental answer that maintains a continual practice of human rights violations, principally against innocent individuals." They note that they are "part of the National Coordinator of Human Rights CNDDHH (Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos) and belong to its directors' council and to the Peruvian Network of Human Rights Education (Red Peruana de Educacion en Derechos Humanos)." [1]

Recepient of NED aid. [2]



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