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The Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) "is an independent, nonprofit organization that helps communities in existing and emerging democracies solve problems while building a better future for themselves and the world. We give communities—and the organizations that support them—the training, technical assistance, and grants they need to solve their own problems and shape their own destiny long after our work with them is finished." They go on to note that:

"Since our founding in 1991 by former Vermont Governor Madeleine M. Kunin, we have managed 60 international projects in 17 countries with support from individual donors, private and corporate foundations, and the U.S. Government. ISC is based in Vermont, a state that values grassroots democracy and environmental stewardship. We have international offices in Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine." [1]

"In October 2006, the Advocacy Institute merged with the Institute for Sustainable Communities to form the Advocacy Center at ISC." [2]

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Retreived Dec 06

In Jan 2007 Stephen Ramsey replaced Kevin F. F. Quigley.

1998 Directors

  • Douglas Costle, Esq., Chair - Former United States Environmental Protection Agency Administrator and

Dean of Vermont Law School

Associate Professor of Geography, Rutgers University

  • Stanislaw Sitnicki - Country Director, Poland, Environmental Action Programme Support Project
  • Judit Vasarhelyi - Executive Director, Independent Ecological Center, Budapest
  • Gregory Watson - Executive Director, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative




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