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The Initiative for Public Policy Analysis (IPPA) is a think tank based in Nigeria. It describes itself as "a private, non-profit organization involved in research, education, and publication on matters affecting the freedom of individuals. Its objective is to provide market-oriented analysis of current and emerging policy issues, with a view to influencing the public debate and the political decision-making process."[1]

"Founded in 2001, IPPA's major concern is with the principles and institutions underlying a free and open society, with particular focus on Africa and Nigeria." [2]

Global warming

In 2009 the group was a co-sponsor of the Heartland Institute's 2009 conference for climate change skeptics.[3]

Advisory Board

Accessed February 2010:[2]


Accessed February 2010:[2]

Contact details

9A, Adekunle Odunlami Street
Off Aina George
Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +234-1-791-0959, +234-(0)80-2302-5079
The Office Address is ONLY valid for Courier Delivery
Email: info AT

Postal Address
P. O. Box 6434
Somolu, Lagos

Articles and resources

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