Imad Harb

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From USIP website:

Imad Harb is a program officer in the Institute's Education Program, where he is engaged in developing higher education peace studies curricula in Iraq and democratizing classrooms in Iraqi universities. He conducts workshops to enrich the teaching experience in postconflict Iraq by bringing together faculty members from different sectarian and ethnic groups to introduce them to complementary pedagogies and materials.
Harb taught political science and Middle East studies at the University of Utah and San Francisco State University. He was also an adjunct professor of Arabic at Georgetown University, George Washington University, and the University of Maryland, and taught Arabic at the Middle East Institute. Harb received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Utah, where his dissertation analyzed the disengagement of the military from politics and the transition to electoral democracy in Egypt and Turkey.

As of 14 May 2007 this biography/name doesn't appear anymore in the USIP website.