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"Educated in Canada, Germany, and Nigeria, Prof. Ikechi Mgbeoji earned a doctorate degree in law from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. His Master’s degree earned an academic gold medal. He studied and obtained a diploma in Environmental from the IUCN Academy in Bonn, Germany. Ikechi is a partner at Blackfriars LLP. He is also admitted to the bar of Ontario, Canada.

"In addition to his active legal practice, Ikechi is a respected law professor at Canada’s prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School. The author of three books and dozens of articles in reputable law journals, Prof. Mgbeoji’s expertise is in Capital market transactions, labour and employment law, Oil and Gas, and Intellectual property rights.

"His clients include Technogym S.p.A, Chevron, Technip, Flowserve USA, Wincor Nixdorf, and Afribank. His practice in Trademarks, Capital Market Transactions, Labour, and Engery Law has spanned nearly 20 years." [1]

Select Publications

  • Global Biopiracy: Patents, Plants, and Indigenous Knowledge (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2005) 336 pages.
  • Collective Insecurity: The Liberian Crisis, Unilateralism, & Global Order (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2003) 200 pages.
  • “The Civilized Self and the Barbaric Other: Imperial Delusions of Order and the Challenges of Human Security” in Richard Falk, Balakrishnan Rajagopal & Jacqueline Stevens, eds, International Law and the Third World (Routledge-Cavendish, London/New York, 2008) 151-166.
  • “An Overview of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the Patent Regime” in Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Sustainable Development: Relevance For Africa” (edited by Emmanuel Boon and Luc Hens) Kre Publishers, Delhi, India (2007)
  • “Patent First, Litigate Later! The Scramble for Speculative and Overly Broad Genetic Patents: Implications for Access to Health Care and Biomedical Research” in Veena, (ed.,) Biotech Patent Law (The ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad, India, 2007)
  • “TRIPS and TRIPS Plus Impacts in Africa” in Daniel Gervais, ed., Strategies to Optimize Economic Development in a TRIPS Plus Era (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007) 259-296.
  • “Adventitious Presence of Patented GMO’s on Private Premises: Is Intent Necessary for Actions in Infringement Against the Property Owner’? (2007) 4 Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society 314-321.
  • “Beyond Patents: The Cultural life of Native Healing and the Limitations of the Patent System as a Protective Mechanism for Indigenous on the Medicinal Uses of Plants” (2006) 5 [1] Canadian Journal of Law and Technology 1-12.

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