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ISI Consulting is based in Leesburg, Virginia. The company now presents itself as being simply an e-vendor of consumer goods, such as MP3 players and digital cameras.[1] However until at least January 2005, its homepage also stated that it had expertise in aerospace-related journalism, and tracking government procurement opportunities:[2]

"Freelance Writing: Our staff started freelance writing in 1994 with Ad Astra Magazine, published by the National Space Society in Washington, D.C. After building experience, and starting ISI Consulting in 1998, the company expanded to publications and organizations like Satellite Times Magazine, Final Frontier Magazine, New Space Newsletter, Popular Communications Magazine, the Bull Run Observer, the Old Bridge Observer, United Press International, Leesburg Today, and Loudoun Magazine."
"Consulting: ISI consulting services can help market your company's products and services. Our staff provides accurate and timely leads on contracts. We track and monitor government and industry procurement opportunities daily. Commercial vendors seeking markets for their products and services can obtain support from ISI to help search, monitor and retrieve opportunities solicited by the federal government and industry contracting community. Past and present clients include Account On It, Allied Signal (now merged with Honeywell), Lockheed Martin, Popular Mechanics Magazine, and Bennett Brown Rodman Funeral Homes."

The company appears to be closely connected to Keith Stein, the editor of Space & Missile Defense Report. The company's website is registered to Stein [3], and a number of internet postings by Stein identify himself as representing ISI Consulting.[4]

The company's website used to carry a page with detailed information about visits by CIA-linked aircraft to Desert Rock Airport. That page is now only available from the Google cache.[5]

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