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The INFOTAB ETS Project was a coordinated effort by the transnational tobacco companies to resist legislation being generated worldwide by increasing concern about the health effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS, or secondhand tobacco smoke).

The project was underway by approximately 1987. INFOTAB generated strategies for managing the issue. Strategies included emphasizing scientific doubts about the hazards of ETS, framing the issues surrounding ETS in the larger context of concern about air quality in general. About this latter strategy, a document about the project states, "A common strategic line in many countries simultaneously will have a beneficial effect on the industry worldwide."

To reinforce its goal of staving off legislated smoking restrictions around the globe, INFOTAB produced a special kit for smaller tobacco companies and national tobacco manufacturers' associations containing public affairs materials for use in addressing secondhand smoke issues. The kit included a video produced for viewing by opinion leaders outlining the industry's main arguments and containing interviews with sceintific "experts" of the industry's choosing.[1]


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