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Kameron Hoang (a.k.a. Huy Kameron Hoang) was cited on the Lincoln Group website until about December 1, 2005, as Director of Lincoln Group's "Lincoln Innovation Lab."

"Kameron Hoang" = "Huy Kameron Hoang"

It becomes obvious from a February 14, 2005, entry in Hoang's blog Ah Right Blogspot that he -- Kameron Hoang -- is one and the same as "Huy Kameron Hoang".

First of all, he identifies himself as Kameron Hoang, San Francisco, California, and "originally from Hue, Viet Nam."

Secondly, Hoang wrote in the February 14, 2005, entry:

"a boyhood friend has built a burgeoning defense contracting business and wanted me to come out to baghdad. yes, baghdad.
"if you're not familiar with the Bay Area, Marin County. .where Corte Madera is. .is on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge and is probably one of the nicer places to live/work. i don't have to tell you about baghdad. i'd say these options more than fulfill my personal theorem on life experiences.
"but to add a twist to this decision tree, i took the offer of office space in Marin as well as an initial engagement with DC where my boyhood friend's company in headquartered. i would move my one man, mercenary operation to marin and begin hopping back and forth between SF and DC in order to get a better grasp of what's going on in Baghdad. I don't think it would be a good idea to post publicly what it is that I do, whom I do it for, but let's just say it's in the PR/Marketing space and they're a pretty big operation. Yes. .PR/Marketing in Iraq.
"in my criss-crossing of this great nation, hopping as i am from ultra liberal SF to neocon DC, ...
"in debate, they teach you to be light on your feet/mind in order to argue an opinion/position from either side. the idea is that, there is no objective "right" or "wrong". .merely how you present an opinion and how well you rebut an opponent's (read, how well you listen). the idea is a verbal game of chess in predicting your opponents points and not leaving yourself open to attack. about the only saving grace to all this is that i can pretty much argue anyone under the table from the perspective of hippie, tree hugger to oil-in-veins neocon to we are people too iraqis. i have to, it's my job. ..."


In his profile at Ryze Business Networking, Kameron Huang stated that his title was "Grunt #2" at Horizen Systems Inc./Horizen Consulting, a software/consulting business. Under the heading "Universities" he cited Yale University and CAL. For "Experience", Huang cited Intuit, Cendant, and Merrill Lynch. His home is given as San Francisco and he is from Hue, Vietnam.

A November 6, 2001, news announcement reported that "Horizen Inc., provider of a platform for managing outsourced services, has named David Castellini as its chairman and chief executive officer" and that Castellini succeeded "Horizen co-founder Kameron Hoang, who has assumed the title and responsibilities of president. Hoang said Castellini's hiring will provide the leadership needed to accelerate the company's steady growth."

In November 1997, he is found as "Kameron Hoang, 24, a software engineer at Intuit in Palo Alto," cited in San Francisco's MetroActive.