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Human Potential Foundation

In May 1995, the historic first disclosure conference “When Cosmic Cultures Meet,” was organized by the Human Potential Foundation in Washington D.C. in order to pressure the White House to reconsider its inherited policy concerning the disclosure of information about Extraterrestrial (ET) and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) phenomena. Authors whose work was included in the proceeding of the conferences include: Professor George S. Robinson, Michael Hesemann, James J. Hurtak, PhD, James W. Deardorff, Dave Hunt, Richard J. Boyland, PhD, R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD, James More, PhD, William J. Baldwin DDS PhD, Charles T. Tart PhD, Puma Q. Singona, Dennis Rohatyn, PhD, Paula Underwood, MA, Ruth Montgomery, Zecharia Sitchin, Donald M. Ware, John Hunter Gray, PhD, Elisabet Sahtouris PhD, James J. Funaro, Jerome C. Glenn, John E. Mack, MD, Keith Farrell, Michael Michaud .


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