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Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann President and Founder of the World Security Network Foundation.

"German entrepreneur and geostrategist Dr. Hoffmann has worked as advisor in the European Parliament (Office of Prof. Hans-Gert Poettering, now President of the European Parliament), the German Bundestag (Parl. State Secretary of Defense Peter Kurt Wuerzbach MP) and the U.S. Senate (Sam Nunn, Gary Hart) in defense affairs for many years. He was Research Fellow at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), Georgetown University. He worked as a journalist in the White House Press Corps, as Editor in ZDF, the largest TV station in Europe, and managing director of large German media companies. Dr. Hoffmann holds a PH.D in Political Science with "summa cum laude" (Prof. Karl Dietrich Bracher, University of Bonn, Germany) and is lawyer as well. Dr. Hoffmann is reserve officer in the German Army (Field Artillery).

"He is a successful entrepreneur and investor, co-founder of the General Capital Group-an activist value investor in Germany. From 2005 to 2007 funds advised by GCG have invested € 3.3 bn in companies like Volkswagen, BASF, Thyssen Krupp or Lanxess ( .

"Dr. Hoffmann has from 1979 to 1983 supported NATO’s Two Track Decision to deploy medium range nuclear weapons in Europe combined with mutual arms reductions on the Russian side which put him on the target list of RAF, the German terrorist organization. In 1978 he founded with his MP Peter Kurt Wuerzbach a popular German appeal (Dattelner Appell) to dismantle the new Russian SS-20 missiles and to combine it with the non-deployment of NATO Pershing II and Cruise Missiles, which was signed by more than 100 members of the German Bundestag, U.S. Senators like Edward Kennedy and others, which was on December 12, 1979 successfully integrated into NATO's Two Track Decision and later into the INF Treaty.

"In 1980 he initiated a CDU/CSU resolution and Federal Law of the Bundestag for an Annual Report on Arms Control and Disarmament, which since than is published by the German Goverment.

"For ten years Dr. Hoffmann was Chairman of the Christian-Democratic (CDU) Committee for Foreign, Defense, European and Inner German Affairs in his home state Lower Saxony in Germany active in promoting the German re-unification and a strong NATO.

"In 1984 Dr. Hoffmann organized the exchange program for young reserve officers from the U.S.A. and Germany with the support of than Parl. State Secretary of Defense Peter Kurt Würzbach.

"He supported the Mudjahedin from 1985-1990 against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, visiting them in the mountains in 1985 and writing the Afghanistan report for the European Parliament.

"In 1989 - during the visit of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl - he initiated and helped to finance the first "Farmers Association of Silesia" - former German homeland of his expelled parents in Poland - which now has more than 3000 Polish and German members and its own dairy.

"In 1992 he was Chairman of the Eesti Committee Report (asked by its President Tunne Kelam) about the Future of the "Baltic Hanseatic Region" (Oblast Kaliningrad; Lithuenia; Latvia, Estonia) which helped to create stable democratic states in the Baltics.

I"n 1981 his home town Goslar/Harz awarded him its "Förderpreis" for journalistic merits (Laudatio: General (Ret.) Johannes Steinhoff, former Chairman of NATOs Military Committee).

"Schitag Ernst & Young, SAP and manager magazine honored Dr. Hoffmann as "Finalist German Entrepreneuer of the Year 1998" for growth and innovation as member of the Board and co-owner of Loewe Opta Holding TV company.

"In October 2000 he was awarded the "Federal Cross of Merit" for "innovative business ideas" by German President Johannes Rau in Schloss Bellevue (Berlin).

"In 2002 at Friedrichruh Palace near Hamburg, Fürst Ferdinand von Bismark bestowed upon Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann the "Bismark Medal in Silver with Golden Oak Leaves" for his "patriotic faithfulness and proven Prussian national consciousness".

"Dr. Hoffmann is author of two standard books about nuclear weapons ("Atomkrieg- Atomfrieden, Technik, Strategie, Abrüstung" 1980; "Die Atompartner. Washington – Bonn und die Modernisierung der taktischen Kernwaffen", 1986).

"In 2004 he published a book about his mentor for 25 years " Fritz Kraemer On Excellence. Missionary, Mentor and Pentagon Strategist " (With Contributions from Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Henry A. Kissinger, Madeleine Kraemer Bryant; Sven Kraemer, Wilhelm-Karl von Preussen, Edward L. Rowny and Donald Rumsfeld).

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