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Howard Stern is a radio commentator whose program is currently carried by approximately three dozen radio stations in the US.

In Febraury 2004, his program was dumped by Clear Channel Communications - which broadcast it on six of its radio stations, after Stern broadcast a caller - using what was described as offensive terms - asked a studio guest whether he had had sex with a famous black woman. In a statement, Clear Channel president John Hogan stated "It was vulgar, offensive and insulting, not just to women and African Americans but to anyone with a sense of common decency". [1]

Stern attributed his demise to Hogan's impending appearance before a Congressional hearing on a proposed law on decency standards in the media. "They don't admit it in the press but they have admitted to me that they are doing this because they (Clear Channel executives) are being hauled in front of Congress," Stern told his audience.

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