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Howard Jonas, the founder and chairman of IDT. IDT has set up and exclusively funds the IDT Foundation, Ltd.

Jonas' commitment to libertarian ideals has found an expression in cyberspace. He created the Digital Freedom Network. In July 2003, Jonas and two other directors removed the DFN's executive director and staff. According to a petition filed in New York State Supreme Court by the organizations former executive director and board member, Bobson Wong, Jonas' Orthodox Jewish, pro-Israel views clashed with the DFN's advocacy of Palestinian human rights issues.

Wong's legal action, which was filed in November 2003, seeks to overturn the decisions of the board members and seeks their removal from the Board of DFN.[1]

In November 2003, Jonas announced the creation of Liberty Broadcasting a national syndicated talk radio network. "Listeners need a place to go for intelligent talk besides NPR. That's why IDT is bringing Liberty to radio broadcasting ...For too long people have been held captive to a limited number of views. Liberty Broadcasting will bring a diversity of opinions to the radio airwaves. Now listeners will have a place to go for insightful talk and reasoning without the bias," Jonas stated in a media release.[2]

Jonas announced that from December 2003, Liberty Broadcasting would features programs from William Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard, and Linda Chavez, a former Director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.


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