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In an interview H.W. Welch noted that "in 1956, [his father] began writing and publishing a small magazine called One Man's Opinion. He researched, compiled, wrote. and edited everything in the first issues, including creating the design. At that time, I was in the advertising and marketing business, and it was in 1956 that I met, fell in love with, and married Joyce Tyler, the daughter of Dan Tyler, Jr., former chairman of the Republican State Committee. Joyce and I had a whirlwind courtship, having our first date on March 17, 1956, were married on June 30, 1956, and have now been happily married for just over 50 years...

"TNA: Living at home during much of the 1950s must have brought you in contact with many of your dad's friends and associates. Whom can you remember?

"H.W. Welch: Probably the most impressive of all was Ohio Senator Robert Taft. Mostly from Dad's awareness, I appreciated the fact that Senator Taft was a man who could be counted on to stand firm for Americanism. I also remember the discussions during 1952 and how the GOP nomination was stolen from him by Eisenhower and his backers. I regret that I never met Joe McCarthy since Dad was a great supporter of him and decried the vicious and unwarranted attacks directed at him. Dad believed in what Senator McCarthy was trying to do since he knew from his own research the disastrous effect the infiltrators had had and were having on our government.

"I also remember the early meetings of the JBS in Boston and meeting such stalwarts as Bob Stoddard, William J. Grede, A.G. Heinsohn, Robert Montgomery, Nelson Shepherd, Tom Anderson, Hilaire du Berrier, and many others." [1]

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