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Helen Disney (nee Helen Brown) is director of the London-based think tank, the Stockholm Network which she founded in 1997. [1] She is also a writer for a range of publications and, according to a biographical note on her website, "also undertakes consultancy work on public policy issues for a number of corporate clients." [2]

Publications she writes for include "the Daily Express and Sunday Express, Public Finance, Public Service Magazine, and The Sprout, a satirical Brussels-based magazine, as well as writing regular weekly entries for the Centre for the New Europe's health weblog, CNE Health." [3]

Between From 1996 and 2000, she worked at the Social Market Foundation, a free-market think tank "where she was Deputy Director and Editor of The Review, a quarterly journal. She has edited a number of think-tank publications including The Sex-Change Society by Melanie Phillips, published by the Social Market Foundation, Europe's Welfare Burden, and Breaking Down the Barriers published by Civitas: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society for the Stockholm Network. [4]

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Website: http://www.helendisney.com

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