Hector Botero

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Hector Botero is President of IMS Companies.

"Mr. Hector Botero has guided IMS from entrepreneurial start-up to its current position as the leading media services company of Latin America with a regional network spanning 18 countries and a staff of over one hundred seasoned news and information services professionals operating in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

"Mr. Hector Botero, is the founder, President and CEO of IMS Companies, a holding for a group of independent limited liability companies that provides an array of specialized media services.

"Mr. Botero has an extensive background working for prestigious organizations dealing with media affairs in the Latin American region. Prior to launching International Media Services in 1996, Mr. Botero was President of a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting communications programs for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean. The programs included Tierramerica, a newspaper supplement published and distributed by 13 major daily newspapers in 12 countries throughout Latin America. Mr. Botero’s prior background is in international commerce having worked to develop trade between the Far East and Latin America. His knowledge and expertise in the region set the stage for the birth of International Media Services." [1]