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"Dr Haruhisa Handa Chair in Human Rights Education, has been endowed to Curtin University's Faculty of Humanities by the renowned Japanese philanthropist and chairman of World Mate, Dr Haruhisa Handa through his organization.

"Dr Haruhisa Handa was born in Japan in 1951 and graduated from Doshisha University (Economics). He pursued post-graduate studies in voice at Japan's prestigious Musashino Academia Musicae.

Dr Handa took lay ordination and studied Tendai Buddhist chanting under Reverend Denchu Amano, Daisojo of the Tendai sect. He received the Buddhist name "Toshu." He also received the lay practitioner name (koji) of "Daigaku" at the Rinzai zen temple of Tofukuji in Kyoto.

Deeply involved in social causes, and with his profound knowledge in Shinto and various other faiths, Dr Handa serves as president of the International Shinto Foundation (ISF), a NGO with United Nations ECOSOC status , chairman of the International Foundation for Arts and Culture(IFAC), and vice-chairman of the Sihanouk Hospital, an emergency intensive care hospital servicing the poor in Cambodia." [1]

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