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"After the One Young World 2014 Summit in Dublin,* children’s rights activist Eddy Musoke Daniel founded a global social network called Eddy’s Friends International Network to demonstrate solidarity in the struggle for children’s rights and universal protection. The enthusiastic response to his message encouraged Eddy to expand the network and rebrand it as the Happy 4 Life International Network, which counts 400 volunteers from 23 countries among its membership, growing every day... Our Mission: Create a safe, healthy and developed environment for Children in order to make this World a safe and better place for future generations through individual behavioral change strategies." [1]


Accessed June 2015: [2]

dvisers and good will ambassadors. They support us in several ways: advises, financially, materially, create awareness about our work and many other tens of ways. some of them are the people behind the success of our Founder; Eddy Musoke. We call them “Our Friendly Team” Join us today and become a Happy4Life adviser or supporter; in short become a friend.


Web: https://happy4lifeinternational.wordpress.com/

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