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The domain name gwb43.com stands for George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States. WHOIS information for gwb43.com can be found here.

Background information on the gwb43.com controversy can be found here.

Also see the gwb43.com article in the Wikipedia.

SMARTech Corporation

At the bottom of the robtex.com DNS lookup for gwb43.com, a diagram shows the links for servers to gwb43.com. SMARTech is a domain server for gwb43.com.

41 domains share mailservers

The robtex.com lookup for gwb43.com reveals that 41 domains share mailservers with gwb43.com. Among these are:

999 domains share nameservers

The robtex lookup for gwb43.com also shows that 999 domains share nameservers with gwb43.com. Among these are:

  • 2008nationalconvention.com/.net
  • abcpac.com/.net (See Rightroots.)
  • africanamericansforbush.com
  • agendaforamerica.com/.net
  • amendforarnold.com / arnoldsteam.com/.net (re Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • angryhillary.com/.net / clintongunban.com / counterclintonlibrary.com/.net / stophillarynow.com / stophillarypac.com (See Hillary Clinton.)
  • ashcroftgroupllc.com (See John Ashcroft.)
  • bushblows.net / bushenergy.com/.net/.org / bushfarmandranchteam.com / bushfarmteam.com / bushforpresident.com / bushgop.com / bushismypresident.com / bushmajority.com/.net / bushsux.net / bushteamleader.com/.net / bushwhitehouse.net
  • campaignsolution.com / campaignsolutions.com (See Campaign Solutions.) / connell-donatelli.com / connelldonatelli.com / donatelliavella.com / edonatelli.com / edonation.com / newmediacom.com / newmediacommunications.com/.net (See Donatelli Group.)
  • cheneybush.net
  • committeeforjustice.org (See Committee for Justice.)
  • conradburns.com (See Conrad Burns.)
  • demfacts.com/.net / democratflipflops.com/.net / democratsagenda.com/.net / democratscaretactics.com/.net / democratsforbush.com/.net / democratsforbush.org / demsagenda.com/.net / demsforbushcheney.com/.net
  • electioncampaignmanager.com
  • freedompac.com (See John Boehner (R-Ohio).)
  • frontpagemag.com / frontpagemagazine.com / frontpagemagonline.com (See FrontPageMag.com.)
  • georgebush.com / georgebushbites.com/.net / georgebushblows.com/.net / georgebushsucks.net / georgebushsux.com/.net / georgewbush.com / georgewbushbites.com/.net / georgewbushblows.net / georgewbushsucks.net / georgewbushsux.com/.net
  • goreinventedprosperity.com / gorereinventionconvention.com/.net / goresdoublevision.com (See Al Gore.)
  • helpscooter.com / scooterlibby.com / scooterlibbydefensefund.com / supportscooterlibby.com (See Trial of Scooter Libby.)
  • holtzmanlaw.net (See HoltzmanVogel PLLC.)
  • jerrykilgore.com (See Jerry W. Kilgore.)
  • johnkerryliberalrecord.com/.net / johnkerryoniraq.com / gohnkerrysliberalrecord.com.net (See John Kerry.)
  • johnmccain.com / mccain08hq.com / mccainwantsyou.com/.net (See John McCain.)
  • judicialconfirmationnetwork.com/.com (See Judicial Confirmation Network.)
  • liberalswantyourmoney.com
  • majorityfund.com / majorityfundforamerica.com (See Dick Armey's (R-Texas) Majority Leader's Fund.)
  • mattblunt.com (See Matt Blunt.)
  • reaganalumni.com / reagansrevolution.com / rememberonaldreagan.com (See Ronald Reagan.)
  • republicanmajorityfund.com/.net
  • republicannationalcommittee.com
  • rga.org (See Republican Governor's Association.)
  • ricksantorum.com/.net / ricksantorum2004.com / ricksantorum2006.com/.net / ricksantorum2008.com/.net / ricksantorum2010.com / ricksantorum2018.com / ricksantorumforpresident2012.com (See Rick Santorum.)
  • smartech.us / smartechcorp.com/.net/.us / smartechorp.net / smartechstreaming.com/.net / smartmail3.com/.net / smartmailer.net
  • vetsforfreedom.com/.org (See Vets for Freedom.)

Coptix Inc.

Coptix "provides backup DNS hosting" for SMARTtech/AirNet Group, Inc. [1]

The robtex.com DNS lookup for gwb43.com also shows a.ns.trespassers-w.net, operated by Coptix Inc., as a "nameserver" for gwb3.com.

Created February 21, 2001, trespassers-w.net is registered to Jeffrey Cross of Cross Computer Consulting in Chattanooga, TN. Both the administrative and technical contact given for trespassers-w.net is Jeffrey Cross of Coptix Inc.

The server a.ns.trespassers-w.net is the "nameserver" for 1000 domains, many of which are also linked through SMARTech.

In turn, using "nameserver" abcpac.com as an example, it links to 58 hosts sharing IP address (a string of numbers that computers understand [2]); 325 domains (a string that humans understand[3]) sharing mailservers; and 999 domains sharing nameservers.

Among the "hosts" are the following Republican Party-related organizations:

The lists of domains sharing mailservers and domains sharing mailservers are nearly the same as those hosted by SMARTech.

sjennings @ gwb43.com

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