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Gustavo Fonseca is the head of the Global Environmental Facility's Natural Resources Team. [1]

"Senior Vice President for Science at Conservation International and Executive Director of the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science. Fonseca is a founding member of Brazil's Biodiversity Trust Fund, a member of the Steering Committee of IUCN's Species Survival Committee, and also a member of the Government of Brazil's Presidential Committee on the Agenda 21. His scientific experience ranges from mammalogy and primatology to interdisciplinary aspects of biodiversity conservation. He has published over 80 scholarly papers in addition to dozens of popular articles. In 2001, Fonseca was awarded the Golden Ark Prize from the Dutch Government for his accomplishment in the science of biodiversity conservation." [2]

"Prior to becoming Executive Director of the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science, Dr. Fonseca was Conservation International's Vice President for Brazil and professor of zoology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

"Dr. Fonseca completed a Master's degree in Latin American Studies and a doctorate in Wildlife Management and Conservation at the University of Florida.

"His research has resulted in close to 60 publications emphasizing wildlife management, community ecology of mammals, primate ecology and behavior, and biogeography. Additionally, Dr. Fonseca continues to investigate the challenges facing the conservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and other major Brazilian biomes. His current research in this area is interdisciplinary, linking biodiversity conservation with aspects related to economics and human demography. Dr. Fonseca also co-founded Fundaçåo Biodiversitas, one of the leading environmental NGOs in Brazil, and he is currently on its board of directors.

"Dr. Fonseca has recently been involved in the evaluation of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), examining its portfolio of biodiversity projects. Moreover, he is assisting in the formulation of a GEF biodiversity project for Brazil." (from 2002) [3]

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