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Gus Kouwenhoven (also known as Guus van Kouwenhoven), a Dutch citizen, was arrested in the Netherlands in March 2005 and is being prosecuted for committing war crimes against Liberians and violating a U.N. arms embargo. [1]

Kouwenhoven was arrested following investigative work and public campaigning by Global Witness and Greenpeace on his role in logging, the diamond trade and arms trading. In 2000 Kouwenhoven was described in a United Nations report as being a part of the former Liberian president Charles Taylor's "inner circle". "Van Kouwenhoven is responsible for the logistical aspects of many of the arms deals," the UN report said. [2]

"Militias formed by the Dutchman's timber companies are alleged to have participated in massacres of civilians where even babies were not spared. The weapons used by the militias to commit these war crimes are alleged to have been supplied by the Dutchman," the Dutch prosecutor said in a statement at the time of his arrest. [3]

Kouwenhoven's activities included logging companies Evergreen Trading and Oriental Timber Corporation (OTC).

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