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Gulf Power Company (GPC) is a Florida corporation that has had a continuous existence since 1925, with all of its common stock owned by Atlanta based Southern Company. GPC is headquartered in Pensacola, Florida,[1] and has a service territory that spans 7,550 square miles, through 10 counties and 71 towns in northwest Florida.

GPC owns 1,600 miles of transmission lines and 7,636 miles of distribution lines (1,748 underground) that stretch from the western Alabama border to the Apalachicola River and from the northern Alabama border to the Gulf of Mexico.[2] GPC serves 394,772 retail customers directly and another 14,128 customers through the wholesale delivery of electricity to one investor-owned electric utility and one municipality.

Gulf Power and Coal Plants

Plant Nearest City Years Built Total Capacity
James F. Crist Plant Pensacola, Florida 1959, 1961, 1970, 1973 1,135 MW
Herbert Scholz Generating Plant Marianna, Florida 1953 98 MW
Lansing Smith Generating Plant Panama City, Florida 1965, 1967 340 MW
Gulf Power also owns a percentage of the following generating units [3]
Plant Nearest City Ownership Capacity Total Capacity
Victor J. Daniel Generating Plant Escatawpa, Mississippi 506 MW 1,000 MW
Robert W. Scherer Steam Generating Station Juliette, Georgia 211 MW 3,564 MW
Commercial generation Pea Ridge Pea Ridge, FL 12 MW

Proposed Plants

GPC is purchasing land in North Escambia, FL, for a power generation site, possibly a nuclear plant. The electric utility has spent over $2.1 million to date to purchase about 550 acres in the Cox and Roach Road areas and another 55 acres nearby along the Escambia River. GPC has said they are looking to build another facility but have not finalized what it will be, and did not rule out a nuclear plant.[4]

Contact details

Gulf Power
One Energy Place
Pensacola, FL 32520
Phone: (800) 225-5797

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