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Greenpeace USA, which is formally registered as Greenpeace Inc., is based in Washington, DC and promotes "the protection and preservation of the environment through lobbying, education, advocacy, and peaceful direct action."[1]

Greenwashing campaign

In 1992, Greenpeace USA took on the issue of corporate greenwashing, publishing the Greenpeace Book of Greenwash. As of 2008, Greenpeace's campaigns included "Greenwashing Dirty Coal," "GM Gas Friendly to Gas Free," and "Greenwashing Nuclear Power".


In April 2009, former Greenpeace head of organizing Phil Radford became Greenpeace USA's executive director. In an interview, Radford said the group wants "a 25% to 40% cut in greenhouse-gas emissions below 1990 levels. Now, President Obama's targets are a bit weaker than that, but he's also shown tremendous leadership. So our job is to show him the moral high ground and give him the support to take that stand. We want to strengthen the Waxman bill in Congress, by taking coal out of there and making sure no [emissions] permits are given away. ... There is no such thing as 'clean coal.' ... You can get to a clean-energy future without any new nuclear plants." [2]


Accessed October 2009: [3]

Greenpeace Fund, Inc.

Board of Directors (Old)

Contact information

702 H Street, NW Room 300,
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 462-1177

75 Arkansas St.
San Francisco, California 94107
Phone: (415) 255-9221

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