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The Green Apple Environment Awards are described by their promoters, The Green Organization, as "the annual international campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world." [1]

The 2004 awards were presented at the House of Commons by Carole Caplin, a self described lifestyle guru who has courted controversy through her closeness to Tony and Cherie Blair. [2]

The first three items on the "Benefits" page on its website boast, "Join The Green Organisation and benefit yourself and the environment in so many ways. The benefits to you:

  • Media publicity announcing your qualification for membership of The Green Organisation
  • Free editorial space in Eco Echo, our newsletter, enabling you to promote your green credentials and network with other members
  • Use of our Green Apple logo on your literature, letterheads, livery, etc." [3]

Membership of The Green Organization is £250 [4].

The following item from the 2003 awards gives a flavour of just how green the Green Apple awards really are:

What the judges said: Major work on Terminal One at John Lennon Airport presented numerous problems, but Bovis managed to divert traffic around a housing estate; reduce noise levels for those tenants; recycle 56,000 cubic metres of spoil and hardcore; and recycle 751 tonnes of a total 1161 tonnes of waste. The building itself also has numerous environmental benefits." [5]

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