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In his Flying Saucer Review "editorial, vol. 28, no.6, published in August 1983 Gordon Creighton made this confession: "To conclude on a more personal note, it might at this point be right to add that the present Editor has known since June 1957 what the UFO entities are, but has been at some pains not to let this fact colour his contributions." But in the next issue of FSR, vol. 29, no. 1, he let the cat (demons) out of the bag with his article A brief account of the true nature of the UFO entities. From this article it becomes evident that Gordon Creighton derived much of his basic ideas on UFOs from Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Anthroposophical movement. According to anthroposophists UFOs are manifestations of the demonic Ahriman. The other enemy of mankind is called Lucifer. This was probably what Creighton "discovered" in 1957 as ideas from Anthroposophy coloured many of the articles in earlier FSR issues. Not surprisingly as between 1965-1974 Dan Lloyd was Assistant Editor of FSR. Dan Lloyd and his wife Eileen were leading anthroposophists in Britain." [1]

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