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Good Relations is a part of the Bell Pottinger Group, a British PR firm that is a part of Chime Communications.


David Hill, the former Labour Party Director of Communications from 1991-97 is a Director of Good Relations, which he joined shortly after the 1997 election. Hill returned to the Labour Party HQ at Millbank on loan from Good Relations, as a senior Press Spokesman for the 2001 election campaign. (Needs reference).

Nuclear Spinnners

Since 2003, Good Relations has been paid £375,000 by Nirex to provide "professional consultancy and support in the area of media relations and corporate communications." [1]


Good Relations clients, including some of those form recent years,[2] include:

Good Relations is also retained by UK Tobacco companies.

Contact Details

Holborn Gate
26 Southampton Buildings
London WC2A 1PQ
Direct line: 0207 861 3152
Mobile: 07720 277156
Email: tadunleavy AT



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