Global petro-village

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Every village consists of several principal core structures and the 'working' global-petro village consists of the following key structures: a) exploration b) development c) production d) delivery e) consumption f) enforcement. Energy resources provide the foundation for all industrial development, so any nation [or group of nations] controlling the petro-village core structures will maintain financial and economic dominance, enabling a subset of militaristic potential and empire. Ref: Iraq War

Ironically OPEC nations participate in the global petro-village as well, and to an extent participate in the core structures. For example, Saudi Arabia's participation in the village core structures ensures that its future within the global oil marketplace will be secured, while dissenting nations - such as the former Iraq and Iran - are excluded and marginalized at best, or steeped in anarchy at worst. As nation-states develop their industries, industry itself provides a foundation for the the core structures of the global petro-village.

Any nation-state which relies upon oil wealth [as a significant portion of GDP] while acting as a neutral political player [and experiencing only ancillary military/industrial development] will find itself marginalized and relegated to pawn status within context of the village. (Examples: Kuwait, Bahrain)

Of course the word 'village' implies a very small entity and the word 'global' forms an oxymoron; but as nation-states evolve from self-governing bodies to corporate bodies, 'global petro-village' core values create effective unrepresentative oligarchical ruling-class structures of exceedingly small proportions.

Big Oil and the Energy cartel comprising OPEC and other energy-related cartels represents a significant underlying proportion of all global development and investment capital, supporting - and supported by - the military-industrial complex.

World industrial economies underpin global energy futures, however the entire structure is administered and driven (only) by core elite politico-industrial oligarchs; not only industry, but all world populations must follow the lead of the tiny elite - the elite we call the global petro-village!