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Global Horizons Manpower, Inc. (GHMI) is a manpower resources company based in Los Angeles, USA. It specializes in providing labor for agricultural enterprises. It supplies agrilabor to every State in the USA[citation needed].

Modern Day Slavery

GHMI has been accused of exploiting poor farmers around the world, especially from Thailand, Nepal, and placing them into a modern-day equivalent of slavery. Potential recruits are promised high wages, but to obtain that they must pay exorbitant fees. The recruits become heavily indebted to pay the fees, and when they finally obtain a job the conditions are very poor, coerced labor, and workers go into ever increasing levels of debt.[1] According to US federal prosecutors, GHMI was involved in the "largest human-trafficking case ever charged in U.S. history."[2] GHMI's CEO also has an history of similarly extorting large fees from Chinese workers to work in exploitative conditions in Israel.[3]



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