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Biographical Information

"Gill Wright has a background in Integrative Health, Metaphysics, Music and Interfaith Studies, and has been running courses internationally in Practical Metaphysics for almost 30 years. Her childhood in Australia evoked a passionate love of the natural world, as an inspiration and source of nourishment, and a reminder of the power and majesty of the forces of nature. Ms Wright’s broad-ranging professional life has, as the underlying focus, the evolution of human consciousness, the journey of evolving ideas, ideals and creativity which serve as stepping stones on the way of unfolding development, across the spectrum of human endeavour. Enlightened approaches to science, education, business, politics, and the responsible use of media to encourage stability in the world community, are at the heart of Ms Wright’s interests. Ms Wright’s international work includes mediation/conflict transformation, leadership mentoring, and documentary-making. Her work in Hungary began in 1990, developing metaphysics training programs, which has continued to this day. She is also a former Vice-President of the Club of Budapest International. Amongst her many initiatives are The Health Partnership established with a colleague in London, a multidisciplinary clinic, and United Pathways, an educational charity. She is also a graduate of The Interfaith Seminary. Ms Wright is currently the Co-Director of World Servers Foundation registered in Geneva."[1]

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