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Geri E. Rozanski "is the Director of Affiliate Support for the American Civil Liberties Union. She oversees the development of a department established less than three years ago in an effort to strengthen the ACLU's greatest asset: its affiliates. Rozanski supervises a multi-unit department that assists the ACLU's more than 50 affiliates in such areas as organizational development, fundraising, communications, marketing and training, and the creation of more diverse organizations. In her travels to state affiliate offices throughout the country, Rozanski consults with both professional and lay leaders to establish long-lasting and effective partnerships.

"Rozanski came to the ACLU with more than 20 years of experience in nonprofit advocacy, bringing a unique understanding of how national organizations with a network of offices can leverage their combined strengths to create an even stronger operation. At the national office of the American Jewish Committee she oversaw program development in the organization's field offices, eventually rising to become the director of its large field operation. Under her leadership the number of field offices expanded, fundraising in the offices grew to record numbers, an advocacy network was created, and numerous leadership development programs were implemented, many of them focusing on attracting young leaders.

"Before joining the advocacy world, Rozanski was a classroom teacher in New York City and Maryland, where she was first asked by school officials to work on community relations issues. These experiences led her to leave public education and pursue a career in building effective advocacy organizations to advance the progressive agenda." [1]

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