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George "Rurik" Mellinger is a professional author and Vietnam veteran. [1]

As Rurik, he is the managing editor of Veteran-American Voices: [2]

"After beginning graduate school, Rurik enlisted in the Army in 1969 and spent a year in Viet Nam, with a primary MOS of 12B20, Combat Engineer. He found an Army Commendation Medal as a C-ration prize. After completing active duty, he enlisted again in the Texas Army National Guard, for reasons unknown even to himself. Later he returned to graduate school where he studied Russian History, in which he is ABD, and Early Islamic History. He has taught at university level, and is the author of several books under his street name. He continues to follow military matters, particularly Russian/ex-Soviet, and hopes to die 'on duty' at his keyboard, probably in a fit of anger."


The following is according to his Old War Dogs profile:

  • SP/4 Mellinger, George M.
  • U. S. Army 1969-1970
  • Viet Nam October 1969-October 1970
  • 39 Engineer Bn, 18 Engineer Brigade
  • Texas Army National Guard 1971-1972

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