George Herbert "Bert" Walker

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George Herbert "Bert" Walker was a heavyweight boxer, known to be abusive to his sons and even to beat them. When it came to giving favors, it was his son-in-law Prescott Sheldon Bush which history shows was his chief beneficiary of largesse.

'Bert' Walker had many occasions to do business with Samuel Prescott Bush which led ultimately to a marriage of their children.

Walker was deeply involved in financial dealings with the Rockefellers and others in the 'Eastern Establishment', became very wealthy, and bequeathed the Kennebuckport, Maine, compound where the Bush family has resided or vactioned ever since. Two presidents carry his name: George Herbert Walker Bush (Poppy) and George Walker Bush (Dubya).

Despite the long distance in time, Walker's influence on the world was profound and very dark, and it moulded "family values" for two generations of presidential role models. It involves dealing with Hitler's bankers, eventually bringing the family into involvement with Auschwitz (although that was primarily Prescott Bush's area of responsibility between 1939 and 1942 when the US government confiscated four front operations under Trading With The Enemy Act almost a year after Pearl Harbor.

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