Geoffrey Aronson

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Geoffrey Aronson

"Executive Director of the Washington, D.C.-based Foundation for Middle East Peace; a widely published authority on the region and the foremost authority on the settlements issue in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." [1]

"Aronson is the author of From Sideshow to Center Stage: US Policy towards Egypt and Israel, Palestinians, and the Occupied Territories: Creating Facts in the West Bank. He has written numerous newspaper, magazine and journal articles on Middle Eastern affairs and he writes regularly in the US for the Los Angeles Times, SF Chronicle and Christian Science Monitor, for the Arab world in Al-Hayat and Al-Wasat, and for Europe in Le Monde Diplomatique. Aronson appears frequently at symposia on a wide range of Middle East related issues and has consulted for both the World Bank and UN, and testified before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Foreign Operations in 1992 on Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

"Aronson graduated from Tufts University with a BA in Political Science and International Relations and obtained a M.LITT. in Modern Middle Eastern History from St. Antony's College, Oxford University, in 1984. He obtained the Ella Lyman Cabot Trust writing grant in 1982 and was a visiting scholar at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, in 1984. Between 1985-1987, he was a visiting fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and was awarded grants from the Fund for Investigative Journalism in 1986 and 1991." [2]

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