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Gary J. Reid "is currently Lead Public Sector Management Specialist at the World Bank, where he serves as Coordinator for the World Bank’s Administrative and Civil Service Reform Thematic Group, as well as Lead Specialist within the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Region. He has taught at Tufts University, American University and the University of Southern California, where he was Associate Professor of Public Administration prior to joining the World Bank in 1991. In his work at the World Bank, he has worked with governments throughout Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Central and Eastern Europe in the design and implementation of major public administration reform programs, most recently in Albania, Romania and Macedonia. His publications include Understanding Public Sector Performance in Transition Countries - An Empirical Contribution, coauthored with James Anderson and Randi Susan Ryterman (The World Bank, 2003), and "Performance-Oriented Public Sector Modernization in Developing Countries: Meeting the Implementation Challenge," in Research in Public Administration, Volume 5 (JAI Press, 1999). Dr. Reid received his Ph.D. in Urban Planning from Harvard University. He has served on the Board of Editors of Public Administration Review, and received the Henry Scoville Award for distinguished research and service in public administration in 1989.“ [1]

Faculty member of the SAIS International Development Program.

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