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Gary Allen (deceased 1986) is the author of the famous conspiracy promoting book None Dare Call it Conspiracy (1971). (Wiki) (Interview)

"He was a contributing editor to the Conservative Digest and the John Birch Society's American Opinion magazine. He also wrote speeches for former Gov. George Wallace of Alabama during Mr. Wallace's Presidential campaigns and advised the conservative Texas millionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt, Mr. Allen's son, Mike, said." [1]

Writing in 2008, Michael Barker notes that the anti-communist John Birch Society "promoted many widely read books, the most famous of which is probably Gary Allen’s (1971) None Dare Call it Conspiracy (which reportedly sold over six million copies and has been published in eight languages)." [2]

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  • Annon, “Gary Allen Dies Saturday of a Liver Ailment at 50”, The Associated Press, November 29, 1986.