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GTL Energy is an Australian-headquartered company which is licensing technology for drying low-rank coal coal such as lignite.


According to the company's website, GTL Energy Ltd (GTL Energy or Company) was formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 2000 to look into coal-to-gas and gas-to-liquids technology for a specific project in Australia. This led the GTL to research and develop process technologies to convert low grade coal into higher rank fuel for what the company contends is "cleaner, more efficient power generation, gasification and liquefaction."

The company states that low rank coal "comprises sub-bituminous coal, lignite and brown coal, all of which contain substantial amounts of water (20% to 70% Total Moisture (“TM%”) by weight). Due to its high moisture content, low rank coal diminishes power plant efficiency and increases emissions per unit of energy produced."

GTL seeks to improve low rank coal by removing its water content, thereby raising the thermal value it has.[1]

GTL will be operating a new drying plant in southwestern North Dakota that will remove water from over 1 million pounds of coal transported from New Zealand. The plant will remove water from the low-quality but abundant lignite coal and then ship it back to its country of origin. The plant is designed to process 240,000 tons of lignite annually. It is the first commercial coal-drying facility in the world.[2] In July 2010, GTL announced the plant had been completed.[3]

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