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"The origins of the Fund for UFO Research can be traced back to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), in the 1960’s, the world’s leading private UFO organization. Most of the Fund’s organizers had been part of NICAP: staff members, volunteers, scientific advisors. Several years after the fall of NICAP, these men and women gathered for a reunion and remained in touch. The eventual outcome was the formation of the Fund.

1979: The first formal meeting was held on January 20, 1979, at the office of the International Fortean Organization (INFO), 7317 Baltimore Ave., College Park, Md. The draft purposes and by-laws, prepared by Richard Hall, were discussed as the first step in filling an obvious gap in the UFO field: money to support serious scientific research.

"A second meeting to organize the Fund was held June 2, 1979, at the INFO office. The Executive Committee was established and consisted of Chairman Dr. Bruce Maccabee (U.S. Navy physicist, Silver Spring, Md.), Vice Chairman Craig Phillips (director, U.S. National Aquarium, Silver Spring, Md.), Dr. John Carlson (professor of astronomy, University of Maryland, College Park), Dr. David Schwartzman (Professor of History, Howard University, Washington, D.C.), And Lt. Cdr. Thomas Deuley (U.S. Navy). Alternate members were Isabel David (Washington), Don Berliner (Alexandria, Va.), Treasurer Richard Hall (Brentwood, Md.) and Fanny Phillips (Silver Spring)...

"On August 1, the Fund for UFO Research, Inc., became incorporated and was ready to begin business in 1980. The Fund got a big financial boost in the form of a $6,000 contribution from Barbara Mathey, following a special meeting with her on October 20. She promised similar donations on an annual basis, but soon died... By the final meeting of 1979, the National Board had taken shape, with acceptances from Dr. Eugenie Clark (University of Maryland), Charles Gibbs-Smith (British Museum, London), Dr. Richard Haines (NASA), Dr. Richard Henry (Johns Hopkins University), Lou Purnell (National Air & Space Museum), Ward Kimball (Walt Disney Productions), Dr. Peter Rank (University of Wisconsin) and Dr. Ron Westrum (Eastern Michigan University).

"1980: Early in 1980, two more Board members were added: Rev. Dr. Barry Downing (Endwell, N.Y.) and Herb Roth (United Airlines). At about the same time, the Fund appointed Fred Whiting as Publicity Director, and adopted a logo designed by Tom Deuley.

"In May, the Fund approved and funded its first grant, to Bruce Maccabee for the publication in the Journal of Applied Optics of a paper on his investigation of the December, 1978, air-to-air sighting and filming of a UFO over New Zealand.

"In August, the Fund supported a talk at The American University by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, followed by a press conference at the National Press Club with Maccabee, Hynek, Stanton Friedman, attorney Peter Gersten and William Startup, pilot in the New Zealand case...

"1992: Bruce Maccabee retired as Fund president, and Richard Hall was elected to replace him.

"1993: The Fund joined with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) to form the UFO Research Coalition to conduct major projects, at the suggestion of Las Vegas builder Robert Bigelow, who promised major funding.

"1994: Disagreement over control of the UFO Research Coalition lead to a complete break with Robert Bigelow. Laurance Rockefeller appeared on the scene, ready to fund major projects through his intermediary, Mrs. Marie “Bootsie” Galbraith.

"1998: Richard Hall resigned as Fund President, and Don Berliner was elected to replace him..." [1]


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