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Frontier Corporation (formerly Rochester Telephone Corporation) is "one of the nation's largest independent telecommunications providers offering local, long distance, and Internet access services in 24 states over 2.4 million access lines," its website states. [1]

Frontier became a subsidiary of Global Crossing Ltd. in October 1999, at which time the Federal Communications Commission was notified that Global Crossing had consummated its acquisition of the Frontier Corporation. [2]

"The principal activity of the Group is the provision of integrated telecommunications services, including Internet, IP and data applications, long distance, local telephone and enhanced services to business, carrier, web-centric and targeted residential customers nationwide and in certain international countries. The Group also provides domestic and international voice, data products, video and audio communications, digital distribution services and Internet service and other communications products to primarily small to mid-sized business customers, carrier customers, web-centric customers and targeted consumer markets."— Profile.


Former Personnel

The following were Frontier Corporation personnel at the time of the Global Crossing/Frontier merger:

Contact Information

180 South Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY 14646-0700
Phone: 716 777-1000

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