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Friends of the Earth Australia (FoEA) is a federation of over 20 autonomous local Australian FoE branches and affiliate environment groups.[citation needed]

What distinguishes FoEA from other environment groups is their focus on social justice as an essential means to environmental sustainability. FoEA particularly concerns itself with working at a local level with Indigenous communities. Internally, FoEA operates on a non-hierachical model through consensus decision-making.[citation needed]


"FoE Australia was founded in 1974 at a meeting on French Island in Westernport Bay, Victoria, which was then the site for a proposed nuclear reactor..." [1]

FoE groups around Australia have spawned a number of community run local sustainable enterprises including: "Reverse Garbage re-use centre, which finds community uses for industrial discards which would otherwise go to landfill. The Bicycle Revolution (which finds and fixes up old pushbikes)...running a large food co-operative and a bookshop for over two decades and, more recently, an organic cafe. [2]

Campaigns and contacts

  • Cam Walker National Liason Officer & Media Enquiries (Melbourne), Email: cam.walker[at]
  • Natalie Lowrey National Liason Officer (Perth), Email: natalie.lowrey[at]
  • Mara Bonacci Finance (Melbourne), Email: mara.bonacci[at]
  • Damien Lawson Climate Justice spokesperson (Melbourne), damien.lawson[at]
  • Jim Green Anti Nuclear spokesperson (Melbourne),[at]
  • Georgia Miller Nanotechnology spokesperson (Hobart), georgia.miller[at]
  • Natalie Lowrey Mining issues (Newcastle), natalie.lowrey[at]
  • Dr Rye Senjen Industrial chemicals (Melbourne), rye.senjen[at]
  • Emma Brindal Biofuels spokesperson (Brisbane), emma.brindal[at]
  • Lou Morris Coal campaign spokesperson (Melbourne), louise.morris[at]

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