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The Freedom Center of Missouri(FCM), an organization with the mission of "fighting to secure individual liberty and transparent, accountable, constitutionally limited government in Missouri."[1] The organization self-describes as a “lower-case-L libertarian” group.[2] FCM was founded by David and Jenifer Roland in 2011.

The Freedom Center of Missouri is an associate member of the State Policy Network,[3] a web of state pressure groups that denote themselves as "think tanks" and drive a right-wing agenda in statehouses nationwide.

News and Controversies

Girl Scout Cookie Law Suit

In 2011, FCM brought a lawsuit against a northwestern Missouri city's local government because it had "stopped two Girl Scouts from selling cookies from their driveway because it violated city codes." David Roland said that they took the case in order to "bring something to both sides of the current political debate."[3]

Ties to State Policy Network

FCM is listed as an associate member on the State Policy Network (SPN) directory.[4]

Both of FCM's founders previously worked for SPN associates -- the Show-Me Institute and the Institute for Justice [5] [6][3] David Roland also worked for two additional SPN-related groups, the Freedom Foundation and The Beckett Fund. [7] Jenifer Roland worked at the Cato Institute, an SPN member, until 2005. [8]Jessica Bowman is the Freedom Center’s Development Assistant, she previously worked at the SPN member Freedom Foundation. One of FCM's members of their board of directors, Brent Haden, was a member of The Federalist Society, an SPN associate group. [8]

FCM nominated one of their clients, Ron Calzone for the SPN 2017 Unsung Hero Award. Calzone was recognized as a "runner-up" for the award for "his role in defeating several anti-liberty measures by promoting free market solutions to public policy challenges.} [9]

SPN exposed red.jpg

Learn more about how the State Policy Network aids ALEC and spins disinformation in the states.


Around the time of FCM's founding in 2011, it was reported that funding had come from "$70,000 from 62 contributors."[3]

Both of the founders of FCM worked at the Institute for Justice and the Show-Me Institute. In 2011 they refused to disclose a donor's name who gave them enough money to "allow the center to operate at least until the end of the year." [3]

Core Financials


  • Total Expenses: $343,720



As of June 2018 according to the FCM website [8]

  • David Roland, Director of Litigation and co-founder
  • Jenifer Roland, Executive Director and co-founder
  • Jessica Bowman, Development Assistant

Board of Directiors

As of June 2018 according to the FCM website [8]

  • Brent Haden
  • Beverlee Roper
  • Justin Gelfand
  • Rachel (Douchant) Ferguson
  • Randy England

Contact Information

Freedom Center of Missouri
Phone: (573) 567-0307
Fax: (573) 562-6122

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